Internationale Politik im Kontext

“fjum-Kontext mit Mirjana Tomić” is a program of seminars and other events addressing themes related to international affairs, media, and politics — and the role of the media in reporting them. All program events share one common feature: they focus on understanding the local context.

The series was initiated in 2016, in the wake of two international events that took many observers by surprise: The electoral victory of Donald Trump in the United States and the success of the Brexit referendum in the UK. Why did much of the media fail to predict these outcomes? If reporters were on the spot, did they simply talk to the wrong people? Or did they not listen to all sides? Or was it, rather, that they failed to understand the context? Or they were not on the spot?

The #fjum_Kontext seminar series provides background knowledge and analyses from a range of experts that should help prevent such surprises. Its speakers include journalists, researchers, hands-on experts, opinion analysts, and academics who can explain local contexts and worldviews based on their contact with all segments of society.

Seminars and other events are customised for journalists, analysts, and academics. One of the program’s goals is the support of quality journalism through the creation of knowledge-based networks of media and researchers. Most events focus on Europe.

Cooperation partners: Representation of the European Commission in Austria; International Institute for Peace; Friedrich Ebert Stiftung-Budapest; Erste Foundation; and Europe’s Futures (IWM)

Presseclub Concordia is a long-term cooperation partner.
Mirjana Tomić develops, moderates, and manages seminar series.

Information about past and current events here

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